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Medispa Treatments You Should Be Offering

Medispa Treatments You Should Be Offering

At Signature Salon Studios, our salon studios for rent in Gilbert, Mesa, Paradise Valley, and other major cities are great for hairstylists, nail technicians, and aestheticians that want to make the move from a commissioned employee or booth rental situation to an independent business owner. However, our salon studio rentals are starting to become popular for those looking to find success in their own medispa business. 

Medical spas have moved from a trend to an industry staple, and more and more beauty professionals are looking to create their unique, profitable businesses. Experts predict that the U.S. medispa industry will nearly double in size over the next few years, reaching approximately six billion dollars by the year 2022. With this newfound knowledge, it is important for medical spa professionals to consider the treatments and services they should start offering to reap the biggest return on investment.

Medispa Treatments You Should Be Offering 

At Signature Salon Studios, our salon rental spaces are ideal for setting up your own independent medispa business. Once you have your own space, you can start considering what services you want to offer to have the most success. In this blog, we hope to help your business be more successful by sharing some of the medispa treatments that promise the biggest returns.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal treatments involve the process of removing hair by exposing the hair shaft to pulses of laser light to destroy the hair follicle. Just a few years ago, over 1.1 million laser hair removal procedures were performed in the US alone. According to the National Laser Institute, more than $16 billion was spent on these types of procedures. What’s more, over 2.8 million Americans chose an alternative hair removal treatment other than waxing 4+ times in 2017, which used to be the most popular. 


Botox is one of the most popular, well-known, medispa treatments. Botox, also referred to as Dysport or Xeomin, is the injection of botulinum toxin. This injection can help with wrinkle reduction and rejuvenating a maturing face. Botox can also be injected into the muscles and used to vanish facial lines or injected into the area near the side of the eyes to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet in adults. Botox first was approved by the U.S. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for frown line treatments over 17 years ago. Today, the treatment remains one of the most popular cosmetic procedures on the market, and its popularity does not seem to be slowing down — botox procedures performed has grown 819% percent since 2000. Yes, you read that right. 

Body Contouring

Body sculpting, also referred to in the industry as body contouring, is the term used to describe a wide variety of aesthetic plastic surgery or non-surgical procedures designed to reshape and improve the appearance of your body. In recent years, aesthetic plastic surgery procedures, such as tummy tucks, have been increasing in popularity. Non-surgical procedures, like CoolSculpting, is also considered a form of body sculpting and is expected to continue growing rapidly. This non-invasive procedure freezes, kills, and eliminates fat cells, helping reshape and improve the body’s appearance. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the percentage of body sculpting treatments has increased by over 104% since 2000. 


Microdermabrasion treatments, also known as dermabrasion facials, is used for a variety of reasons, from exfoliation, light scarring treatment, discoloration and sun damage, stretch marks, and so much more. Microdermabrasion involves using a minimally abrasive instrument to gently sand your skin, removing the thicker, uneven outer layer. The exfoliation process improves the skin’s hyperpigmentation and results in a refreshed appearance. The treatment also helps thicken collagen, which results in a younger-looking complexion. What’s more, these treatments are quick and can be completed during a lunch break. 

Chemical Peels

Gaining popularity in 2017, chemical peels were the number one service provided by medical spas throughout the country. The technique is used to improve the appearance of the skin on the face, neck, and hands. A chemical solution is applied to the skin that causes it to exfoliate and eventually peel off. Once the product is peeled off, the skin will be new, rejuvenated and is usually smoother and less wrinkled before. 

The treatments and procedures above are a few of the many most sought-after at medispas. Offering these at your medispa business is sure to bring in a powerful return on investment. Before you begin adding these services to your menu, make sure you have the right space to ensure your business has the most success. Again, our salon suite rentals make the perfect spaces for medispas. 

If you are interested in learning more about our available salon spaces for rent, contact us today! We look forward to answering all of your questions. 

Beauty Professionals That Can Benefit From A Salon Suite Rental

Beauty Professionals That Can Benefit From A Salon Suite Rental

The beauty industry is ever-changing, and today, more and more established beauty professionals are making the move to become independent business owners. Running your own business in the beauty industry can be incredibly rewarding, but it does come with its share of challenges. One challenge, in particular, is finding a space to work within. Sure, many independent beauty professionals choose to work out of their own home, but a professional space can really influence the experience their clientele will have. Fortunately, salon suite rentals are available not only for hair stylists, but for beauty professionals of all kinds!

At Signature Salon Studios, we have a variety of salon studio rentals available in five different locations throughout Arizona! While our studio salons for lease are great for independent hair stylists, they also can be great for other independent beauty professionals!


Skin care is a huge business and it is growing quickly. Estheticians have the opportunity to break into this growing industry by renting a salon studio. Our salon studios are the perfect space for giving clients facials, removing unwanted hair, performing microdermabrasion, and selling skin care products

Nail Technicians

When first starting out, many nail technicians work for someone else either as an hourly employee or on commission. However, when they feel confident to do it on their own, a salon suite rental is a great way to get started as an independent nail tech than with a studio salon rental. Clients appreciate the one-on-one personal attention they get from their manicurist in a closed, private environment.

Massage Therapists

Most massage therapists work on their clients in a private, closed environment, which is what makes our studio salon rentals the ideal for massage therapists that want to run their own business without any of the risk, overhead, and cost that comes with purchasing their own salon space.

Makeup Artists

A rising trend in the beauty industry is the art of makeup. Makeup artists and stylists are becoming more and more common. If you are a makeup artist, a salon suite rental can be beneficial for your business. Whether you are performing wedding or prom makeup or just performing makeovers for clients, there is no better space to work in than our studio salon rentals.

As you can see, many beauty professionals can benefit from a salon suite rental. For most beauty and wellness specialists, renting salon space is the best option for those who want to own their own business and maximize their potential earnings.

If you are a beauty professional looking for a salon suite rental in Arizona, contact Signature Salon Studios to learn about our available spaces.

Reasons To Rent A Salon Suite

Reasons To Rent A Salon Suite

As a salon professional, it is natural to want security when you are first starting out, which is why many stylists choose to work on commission. While it is a good place to start, working for a commercial franchise or a private salon or spa business means that you are at the mercy of those above you. Managers make your schedule, oversee your work, and manage your pay scale, so as your skills and confidence improve, you may want to seek something that offers you more control over your time, earnings, and your clientele.

With salon suite rentals, stylists have the ability to control their own destiny. At Signature Salon Studios, we offer an exclusive collection of independently operated salon suite rentals throughout Arizona for the established beauty professional. In this blog, we’ll define what exactly a salon suite rental is and the benefits that they offer!

What Are Rental Salon Studios?

Salon suite rentals are kind of like a mini, upscale beauty salon. These spaces allow individual stylists and beauty professionals to own their own salon without all the risks, expenses, and overhead that comes with traditional salon environments. With salon studio rentals, you have the luxury of working whenever you want, plus a host of other benefits.

Reasons To Rent A Salon Suite

Salon suite leasing has revolutionized the way the beauty industry operates by allowing beauty professionals to call the shots. Whether you are a hairstylist, nail artist, massage therapist, esthetician, or another beauty professional, salon suite rentals offer a variety of benefits.

You Choose When You Work

Renting a salon suite means that you are in control of your schedule. No more asking for certain days off or being scheduled for the most inconvenient shifts. Instead of being at the mercy of your manager’s schedule, you can gain more control over when you work. This is a huge benefit to beauty professionals that have other hobbies, events, or commitments to attend to. Having the ability to work whenever you want gives stylists and beauty professionals alike the more control over their work-life balance.

You Make More Money

Making more money is one of the biggest reasons stylists and beauty professionals make the switch to renting a salon suite. Using conservative estimates, it is common for beauty professionals to see at least a 50 percent increase in earnings, and in many cases, earnings can be well over a 100 percent increase! No more splitting revenue with a salon owner. Any money collected from the services or products sold in your rental salon suite is yours to pocket.

You Choose Your Own Retail

When you are renting a salon suite, you aren’t pushed to try to upsell certain beauty products that you may not care for. Instead, you get to choose the products you want to be able to recommend to your clients. Research shows that customer satisfaction goes up significantly when you make recommendations, and in the beauty industry, clients interpret this as a sign that you care about them. And remember, when you are in business for yourself, you get to keep 100 percent of the profits from the products you sell!

You Can Build Your Own Clientele

When you work for a commercial salon, you don’t always get to choose those you work on. If you’re next in rotation, anyone could be up next to sit in your chair. This certainly can be frustrating, especially if you have a certain type of niche clientele. With a salon suite rental, however, beauty professionals get to create their own client book, meaning they get to work with the clients that they prefer. This allows you to really focus on what you want to do and the clients that align with your work.

You Get Space Equipped With The Essentials

Many salon suite rentals come fully-furnished with essentials you need for your business to thrive. Many spaces come with comfortable seating for waiting rooms, styling stations, and even shampoo bowls and hair dryers. You won’t have to worry about making major investments right away in order to get the ball rolling.

You Get To Personalize Your Space

Unlike commercial salons that have communal booths with strict limitations as to how it can be personalized, salon suite rentals provide you with a space that is your own. Even though you are renting the space, you get to decorate your suite to reflect your personal style and tastes. Because you will be able to add a personal touch to your salon suite, you will likely feel more comfortable, therefore, making the client more comfortable as well.

Find Quality Rental Salon Suites in Arizona at Signature Salon Studios

As you can see, renting salon suites offers a variety of benefits, some of which we didn’t even cover! If you are looking for salon suite rentals in Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Phoenix, or the surrounding areas in Arizona, you can find luxury salon spaces for lease at Signature Salon Studios. Each of our salon suite rentals is professionally designed to combine both style and comfort to your workplace. All of our available spaces come fully-furnished with comfortable seating for waiting rooms, styling stations, as well as shampoo bowls and ionic hair dryers and chairs. In addition to free wi-fi and 24/7 access, our salon suite rentals are packed with other great amenities. If you are interested in leasing a salon suite, contact Signature Salon Studios today to receive more information!