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Your business card is the front line between you and your potential clients. It speaks volumes about how you want to be represented as a professional and it can make or break an infinite number of foot-in-the-door interactions. For these and many other reasons, professionals put a great deal of thought into designing their business cards.

If you’re a salon stylist looking to market yourself in the best way possible with your business card design, look no further than this article. We’ll review some basics about business card design that can be personalized to reflect your unique style and abilities, while also enhancing your personal branding efforts and improving overall marketing strategies!

Rule #1: Keep It Simple

A cluttered business card is an unprofessional business card. Have you ever noticed how some of the most successful businesses have extremely simple logos and designs? That’s because it works. Even in an adventurous, creative industry like salons, you should try to keep your business card to a minimalistic design. Adding too many colors or words can be overwhelming to your reader, and it can also inhibit your ability to effectively convey information as important as your name, business location, contact number or slogan. So try not to take your design in a hundred different directions. Keep it simple.

Rule #2: Choose an Appropriate Font

We all know that Comic Sans is the worst font to choose, but which exactly is the right one? When it comes to professional documentation, from resumes to business cards, a serif font is a pretty safe go-to. If you want to have more than one font on your card, make sure that you alternate between serif and sans serif, or bold and thin typefaces. Otherwise, your design will look imbalanced — it will be speaking too loudly, leaning toward ALL CAPS, or it will communicate too lightly, as if you were whispering in 8-point word document text. You want to find a happy medium between the two, and that begins by balancing serif with sans serif. Examples of professional font combinations for a business card include: Helvetica + Times New Roman, Arial + Georgia, and Verdana + Merriweather.

Rule #3: Color Carries Weight

We touched on this briefly in Rule #1 about keeping it simple, but when it comes to color scheme selection for your business card, you should stick to a small number of hues. You also want these colors, if you opt for something bolder than black and white, to be complementary. Avoid neons of all kinds, as these can look somewhat immature, if not flat out difficult to read. If you already have a logo or a color scheme in mind, try to match your card with that. For instance, if all of your styling equipment is blue and white, a navy-and-ivory business card would be a gorgeous complement. Just remember not to exceed 3 or 4 colors at the most — you’re just trying to get them interested in your business, not trying to publicize paint swatches!

Rule #4: Define Your Personal Brand

If you don’t already have a personal branding statement, it’s time to get one. This is one of the most challenging yet rewarding parts of becoming a successful professional. Once you decide how you will introduce yourself in the industry — for example, a Beauty Consultant, Color Specialist, or Cosmetic Technician — you have a go-to label you can use to respond when others ask, “So what do you do?” While it’s perfectly acceptable to call yourself a stylist or salon representative, there is something very empowering about defining your own brand. When you decide how you want to market yourself as both a person and a professional stylist, that’s when you know you’ve found something you can be passionate about. And it’s passion that will speak to your potential clients. Every time.

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