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2020 is in full swing and most of us have already forgotten about our New Year’s resolutions. But for beauty fanatics, the trends of the year are finally coalescing, giving style-savvy gazes plenty of eye candy to look at. From cuts to colors to coiffures, the hair trends of 2020 are already defining this novel decade.

In this article, we’ll look at the hottest hair trends of 2020 and — of course — how you can get the look.

The Hottest Hair Trends of 2020 are:

  • Low Ponies
  • Customized Colors
  • “Undone” Buns
  • Bed Head
  • Au Naturel 

Low Ponies

A woman with light brown hair wears a striped scrunchie hair tie.

Step out of the way, Ariana Grande. The high ponies are out and the low, sleek looks are rushing in. Nape-neck level ponytails are taking runways and boardrooms alike by storm. They’re simple yet elegant, easy to achieve, and look good with a wide spectrum of hair lengths, from shortish-medium to Rapunzel-long. To get the look, sweep your hair over your shoulders and pull it into a loose pony at the base of your neck (think “Just-South-of-Chignon” height). Smooth down any frizzies with a brush, then spritz your mane with a lightweight oil of your choice. Argan, coconut, and keratin are popular options. If you have bangs or face-framing layers, you can easily dress the look up or down. For a more professional, put-together look, pin your bangs or layers back with a simple barrette. For a casual, anything-goes look, pull out a few extra runaway tendrils to simulate an adorably messy ‘do. 

Customized Colors

A woman in a white long-sleeve shirt stands in front of a pink wall. Photo by Element 5 Digital.

In the current age of modern technology, it seems that nearly everything can be customized. Whether it’s based on a detailed genetic report or an in-depth Buzzfeed quiz, it’s never been easier to get feedback and (sometimes debatable) data on what best suits our bodies, looks, and lifestyles. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that in 2020, customized hair colors are quickly overshadowing balayage and ombre.

These looks are custom-created by stylists to produce a natural and blended combination of rich hues. Blonde and brunette are way too simple for the new decade. Thank goodness we now have color options in everything from dark “root beer” to light “almond blondie.”

“Undone” Buns

A woman in a black and white coat wears her hair in a bun and faces away from the camera, looking down a tree-lined path. Photo by Hannah Busing for Unsplash.

For years the simple and sleek chignon was the reigning champion of updos — until now. A playfully unkempt variation on this style is rising in the ranks of 2020 hairstyles: “undone” buns. Although the trend can refer to any messy buns, we’ll give you tips on how to wear a braided chignon. This look transitions perfectly from day-to-night ensembles or work-to-gym schedules. To get one of the braided chignon look, begin by styling small sections of your hair into two or three French braids (multiple on each side). Hold them in place with small rubber ties as you sweep your hair back into a chignon. If you’re not sure how, see this tutorial. That’s it! Now you’re ready to take on the workday as well as the wonders of the night.

Bed Head

A woman stands wearing a beanie and a blue and brown sweater. Photo by Wesley Tingey.

The Shaggy Bob is back! If you missed this retro style, then you’re in luck because it’s making a big impression on the short-hair-bearers of 2020. The shaggy bob has made a comeback to replace its product-infused predecessor, the sleek bob. The feathery layers are cut into each other with just enough chunkiness to create a look that’s light on apathy but bold on attitude. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance ‘do that seems high-maintenance, satisfy your inner lazy girl with a shaggy bob. To get the look, it’s best to go see your favorite stylist, assuming you trust them with a pair of shears! In the Mesa and Tempe area we definitely recommend any of the pros at Specialty Salon Suites.

Au Naturel 

A woman in green shirt and orange pants sits on a concrete walkway and laughs.

2019 featured thousands of tutorials on “natural” makeup looks, so it’s no surprise that the following year is already freckled with natural hair tips. The beauty gurus in 2020 are emphasizing the importance of frizz-free and textured natural hair, which is surprisingly easy to achieve, despite the mouthful of a name. To get the look, begin by blowing out your locks with an anti-frizz serum. After that, all you have to do is refrain from over-styling to maintain the beautiful, powerful texture of your au naturel hair. 


We’re only two months in and 2020 is already rolling out a ton of enviable style trends. To keep up with what’s hot and get professional advice on what you can rock, visit one of the independent beauty professionals at Signature Salon Studios.