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The way you design the interior of your salon, depending on the quality, can leave your clients doing one of two things: feeling at ease or fumbling for their keys. You don’t want the latter result, so of course you care about how your salon interior design comes across to customers.

In this article, we’ll look at a few essential elements for the interior design of your salon. Whether you specialize in nails, hair, skincare, or another area of beauty and wellness, you’re sure to find a valuable takeaway from this helpful guide.

Get Lit 

No, not like that! We’re talking about lighting schemes. If your salon has natural lighting, use it to the best of your ability and let the sun shine in. If you’re limited to artificial bulbs, you can still create an extremely ambient lighting environment. Be sure to choose warm-hued bulbs rather than cool, fluorescent ones. If the bulbs or lamps cast shadows in your salon, just make sure they fall outside of the areas where the clients will be seating. 

Plant Seeds of Success

Just a few potted plants can go a long way in increasing the aesthetic appeal of your salon’s interior design. If you have a waiting area with a coffee table, place a vase of fresh flowers right in the center. Not only will it make the space smell wonderful, but you’ll get to switch out the blossoms every week or so and try a new arrangement. If you’re concerned about allergens or dirt spills, there are plenty of shrubs and larger potted plants that low-maintenance and won’t leave a mud-print. Consider a ficus in a terracotta pot, a large philodendron, or — if you’re a fan of aromatherapy — a small citrus tree.

Feng Shui Away

Feng Shui can be understood as the ancient Chinese art of using environmental elements to create spaces with a balanced and harmonious flow of energy. When it comes to small spaces, this design balance is especially important. 

If a salon does not have properly balanced or complementary elements, an intuitive customer may pick up on those conflictual energies and find a more “zen” place to do business. So how do you optimize the feng shui of your salon? It’s certainly easier than learning Mandarin.

Focus on the elements of cleanliness, open layouts, calming colors (blue, green, pastels, etc.), and even water features like fountains or fish tanks. Incorporating any or all of these slices of feng shui are sure to leave your guests in a greater state of tranquility than they were before their visit.

Define Your Design

Although there are a number of fundamental tips and tricks when it comes to interior design, it’s still important to define your own sense of style in the way you choose to lay out your salon. 

Ask yourself what your favorite patterns and color schemes are. If you can’t think of anything that specific, try to imagine a general sense of what kind of work environment you’d ideally like to be surrounded by. Chances are, the kinds of design layouts that put you at ease will do the same for your clients. 

Lastly, don’t forget to pick at least a few bold statement pieces. Sprinkle them here and there throughout your square footage, but don’t let them all end up piled into a corner like a gaudy Christmas tree.

Whether it’s a vibrant section of stained glass or fur-covered accent pillows, just a little bit of audacity in your decor will come across as avant-garde and luxurious.

For more tips and inspiration on how to design the interior of your salon, look no further than Signature Salon Studios. Our elegant salon rental spaces come fully equipped with high-end amenities while leaving plenty of room for you to customize the decor to your artistic heart’s content.