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Launch Your Career With A Salon Suite Rental

When working for an employer on a salary or commission-based structure in the personal beauty and care industries, if you are like most people, there will likely come a time when you feel that you are ready to embark on your own adventure and become a business owner. The idea is certainly tempting — you get to be your own boss and you’ll finally get the flexibility and independence you have always dreamed of! And, the best part, all the money you earn is yours!
However, while enticing, starting your own personal care or beauty business is not as easy as you may think. In addition to having an established book of clients and the right tools and equipment, you’ll need a nice space to work out of. At Signature Salon Studios, we have the workspace solutions independent beauty professionals are looking for. Our luxurious rental salon suites provide independent contractors in the beauty and personal care industries with the ideal space to get their business going, all at an affordable price.

Why Salon Suite Rentals?

A salon suite is essentially a miniature salon that allows hair stylists and beauty professionals from all industries — which we’ll get to later — to own their own space without the risks, overhead, and expenses that come with owning an entire building. Similar to renting an apartment, a salon suite is a place that you rent, and while someone else owns the suite, the space within it is yours and you are in charge of how it is used.

As mentioned, choosing to rent a salon suite delivers the ability to be your own boss in a dedicated personal space that is tailored to your services. Salon studio rentals offer ample security, a clean environment, and all the amenities necessary to travel down the path toward success as an independent business owner. Being an independent business owner has many advantages, including having the ability to:
  • Set your own work hours & schedule
  • Work for yourself, not somebody else
  • All the money you earn is yours
  • Offer your services at a beneficial price
  • Build your own personal client base
  • Experience increased privacy for your clients
  • Create a unique brand identity
  • Work in a private, personalized atmosphere
These are just a few of the many perks that come with renting a salon suite to start your own business. The remarkable thing about renting a salon suite as your own space is that it can, most of the time, cater to several different professions that go beyond hair styling.

Who Salon Suite Rentals Are For

Don’t let the term ‘salon’ fool you. While the most popular professions that tend to dive into renting salon suites are hairstylists, the list certainly does not begin or end there. In fact, there are many different professions throughout the beauty and personal care industries that can benefit from renting a salon suite space. Below, we’ll look at several different professions throughout the personal care and beauty industries salon spaces cater to.


There are many benefits to becoming an independent hairstylist, and renting a salon suite can help you get there! Salon suites are ideal for hairstylists that want to break away from the split revenues, inflexible scheduling, and freedom limitations that come with a position at a commission-based salon-structure. Not only is renting a salon suite more affordable and less-risky than opening your own salon, but any money made behind the chair is yours to manage however you’d like.

What’s more, there are other ways to supplement your income as an independent hairstylist with a salon suite rental. Once the application process is complete and you are approved, the salon studio is yours to manage and personalize in any way that you choose. This means that you’re able to promote and sell any type of hair products you want — no more pressured sales for products you don’t necessarily like or use yourself. As a salon suite owner, you choose the products you sell in your space and you get the proceeds from the sale.

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Being a nail technician is a rewarding career path. Not only is your work a work of art that opens an opportunity to use your imagination and creativity, but you get to meet a lot of people along the way. However, those who take steps to embark on specializing in nail care services, such as manicures, pedicures, and false nails, may feel that their creativity, personality, and revenue potential is limited at a nail salon full of other technicians.

Making the decision to become an independent nail technician or manicurist contractor means you’ll not only get to be your own boss and in charge of your own schedule, but you can also increase your potential to make dramatic improvements to your income and quality of life. With a salon suite rental, you get a professional, luxurious space to offer your services in. A comfortable space plus your specialty nail services will keep clients satisfied and potentially increase your book of clients.

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Cool Sculpting, microdermabrasion, and laser hair removal are a few of the many thriving services in the medical spa industry, and there are no signs of them slowing down. Experts predict that the medispa industry will nearly double in size over the next few years in the United States, reaching approximately six billion dollars by the year 2022. With all this predicted growth that is upcoming, medical spa professionals who have been working in a salary or commission-based position have the opportunity to take their career to the next level! With a salon suite rental, medical spa professionals can launch an independent career and be set up for success.

Not only does a salon studio offer the ultimate private and relaxing setting to enhance the client’s experience, but you’ll have the freedom to personalize your workspace and your services however you want. And don’t forget about the additional income potential you can receive from the sale of skincare products you recommend to clients! With your own medical space, you get to call the shots and decide how your income is managed. No limitations. Unlimited potential.

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The makeup artistry industry is one that has been experiencing constant growth, evolution, and change over the past decade. Becoming an independent makeup artist certainly involves a lot of work, especially when you are just starting out. However, it can be a rewarding and liberating career. Motivated, driven individuals who are eager to pursue a career in makeup and beauty and want to set their own hours, be social on their own terms, and stay busy as often as they want are well-suited for the independent beauty contractor lifestyle.

Finding a workspace to operate your business out of can be a challenge. You don’t need that much time, but at the same time, you don’t want to sacrifice aesthetics and luxury. Salon studios are the solution! With a spacious, well-equipped studio, makeup artists have a place where clients can feel comfortable.

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It’s no surprise that microblading has become one of the more-dominant branches of the beauty industry. Looking at the numbers from 2009 and 2015 alone, the increase in people getting their eyebrows microbladed has nearly tripled. It simplifies makeup and beauty routines and makes maintaining beautiful eyebrows easier than ever before, therefore, the microblading industry won’t be slowing down anytime soon. There are many benefits to choosing this highly specialized profession, but if you really want to launch your career as a permanent makeup artist that specializes in microblading, you are going to need a professional workspace to serve your clients in.

Equipped with an adjustable chair and the other essential equipment you need, a salon suite rental provides microblading artists a workspace that is ideal for providing your clients with quality services with a personal touch!

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The “anti-hair” movement has been going strong since the beach vibes of the ‘60s brought glory to the bikini line. Since then, people have been more willing to pay for body waxing services. As the waxing industry grows, it continues to evolve. Now, more than ever before, men are seeking waxing services as tailored grooming becomes mainstream, and women of all ages look for effective shaving alternatives to achieve smooth skin. Additionally, the waxing techniques are always improving, helping those working as body waxing artists become more effective and successful in their work.

A salon suite can actually serve as a body waxing studio if managed properly. Salon studio spaces not only offer the privacy your clients expect with body waxing services, but they also allow you to run your business the way you want. Whether you specialize in brow waxing or full-body waxing, a salon suite rental is a perfectly-sized space for you to carry out your services.

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After completing massage therapy training and getting the proper licensing, massage therapists typically will join a spa to kick start their career. Massage therapists working in a spa typically are paid a commission for the customers they bring in. That commission may, or may not, be fair and commensurate to their training and skill set. While working at a spa is a great way to get started and master skill sets as a massage therapist, there will soon come a time when you seek more freedom, income, and more control over your client book and scheduling.

If you have a well-established book of clients, why not transform a salon studio into a
massage therapy suite with luxurious surroundings and the resources you need to finally work towards a successful career in massage therapy? As an independent massage therapist, you will be able to set your own rates based on your experience and skillset, decide which services you want to offer, and choose what days you want to work.

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If you are a lash student or lash artist who is considering opening up your own business, now might be the best time! According to a recent report by ABC News, the look of false eyelashes have become an essential everyday accessory, and the growing lash market is predicted to reach a whopping $1.5 billion in the next five years in product sales alone. So ask yourself, ‘should I start a career as an independent lash artist?’. All signs point to yes!

There are many potential career paths a lash artist can take. It is common to find contracted lash artists working in a salon or spa. However, choosing this route — while it is great for gaining experience — comes with some disadvantages. Working at a spa or salon under contract typically means no control over scheduling, splitting commission, and a sense of certainty when it comes to job ability. Being an independent eyelash artist, on the other hand, is what we refer to as a lash boss. This career path can help increase the potential income you can earn in a year while leaving behind the commission splits. As an independent eyelash artist, you do not need a huge space to work out of, especially if you are on your own. Instead, save money with an affordable, yet spacious, lash studio rental. With a professional space to work out of, you’ll not only increase client satisfaction, but you can work whenever you want — ultimately increasing your annual income and quality of life!

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We live in a world of ever-changing hair color — it is no secret that nearly 85 percent of women color their hair at least once every eight weeks. That’s pretty impressive considering that only seven percent of women died their hair in the 1950s. Other trends to consider include hair extensions — another booming industry that is predicted to reach a market value of $10 billion by 2023. With the success and growth that the two industries have seen, many beauty professionals and hairstylists are tailoring their business to direct most of their focus on providing hair extensions and hair coloring services.

When choosing this profession, you’ll still need a well-equipped salon-style environment to work out of. Contracting these services through an already-established salon is common, but can really restrict your income and creativity potential. With a salon suite rental though, you’ll have a space that is plenty big enough and comes equipped with the essentials you need, like a chair, sink, and mirror. Plus, you’ll get to choose which hair extension and hair coloring products you want to offer. It is a win-win!

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Buzzcut, fade cut, and high and tight cuts — being a barber takes some serious skill and creativity. Like hair, the barbering industry is continuing to grow. Today, more than ever before, men are taking pride in their appearance. They are taking the time out of their busy days to properly groom themselves from head to toe. As a result, the American classic hair and grooming services of barbers have experienced a surge in popularity in recent years. However, similar to hairstylists, working as a barber in a salary or commission-based barbershop can limit your career potential.

Fortunately, barbers can experience the same benefits hairstylists get with salon suite rentals.

Salon suites are ideal for hairstylists that want to break away from the split revenues, inflexible scheduling, and freedom limitations that come with a position at a commission-based salon-structure. Not only is renting a salon suite more affordable and less-risky than opening your own salon, but any money made behind the chair is yours to manage however you’d like. Salon suites are the ideal workspace for barbers that want to be their own boss, break away from splitting revenues, inflexible scheduling, and creative limitations. Since you can personalize the barber suite any way you like, it’s easy to create a comfortable, barber-shop-style space that will increase your client’s experiences.

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Salon Suites Cater To All Independent Professionals in the Beauty and Personal Care Industries

Estheticians, cosmetologists, body sculpting professionals — there are so many professions in the beauty and personal care industries that could benefit from a salon suite rental and finally launch their career! Not only will owning a salon suite rental allow you to be your own boss, set your own work hours, and build your own personal client base, but you will also get to keep all the money you earn while operating your business from a modern salon space.

Launch Your Career With A Salon Suite Rental From Signature Salon Studios!

If you are ready to take your career to the next level, the quality salon studios for rent at Signature Salon Studios can help you get there! For over 20 years, Signature Salon Studios has been helping beauty professionals launch their careers by providing salon suites designed to create a unique opportunity and establish a successful business. Our business was modeled on putting the salon professional first and allow them to keep 100 percent of the profits that they earn. Our salon suites cater to all types of professionals by providing them with the framework to run their suite business along with benefits and amenities. Some of the benefits of our salon suite rentals include:

Modern & Updated Studios

We have a variety of salon suites available for rent with spacious floor plans. All of our salon studios are modern, professionally designed, and come equipped with the salon essentials you need to have a thriving career!

24/7 Studio Access

When you rent a salon studio, you get 24/7 access to your space. This means you won’t have to worry about working an inconvenient schedule. Day or night, you’ll be able to access your salon suite as you please.

Equipped With Quality Furniture

In addition to having the essentials like a stylist chair and backwashing unit, our salon spaces come equipped with high-quality furniture. This gives you a spot to relax in between clients and gives your waiting customers an area to sit.

No Up-Front Costs

Signature Salon Studios has eliminated the initial upfront costs and financial commitments that would normally accompany the prospect of going into business for yourself. This helps make the move from commissioned employee to an independent business owner much smoother.

A Professional Community

Signature Salon Studios caters to all types of beauty professionals with the same goal in mind: to grow their business and become more successful! With a salon suite rental, you’ll be surrounded by a friendly community of like-minded professionals.

Ongoing Education

We set our beauty professionals up for success by providing them with the ongoing support they need. By offering ongoing educational classes with leading industry beauty brands, our salon suite tenants can continue to learn and expand their knowledge on the leading products.

Conveniently Located

Our salon suite rentals in Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, and Scottsdale are all located in convenient areas. This makes it easier for your clients to find you and can really help increase exposure to your brand and help you grow your business.

Opportunity To Choose Your Retail

At Signature Salon Studios, we steer away from pressured product sales. Instead, we allow our professionals to choose the beauty products they believe in and want to sell! This can help them boost their income since they pocket 100% of the profits
If you are interested in kick-starting your career and breaking away from the salary and commission-based salon structure, the rental salon studios at Signature Salon Studio are the perfect solution. To request information about our available salon spaces, contact us today!

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