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As a salon professional, it is natural to want security when you are first starting out, which is why many stylists choose to work on commission. While it is a good place to start, working for a commercial franchise or a private salon or spa business means that you are at the mercy of those above you. Managers make your schedule, oversee your work, and manage your pay scale, so as your skills and confidence improve, you may want to seek something that offers you more control over your time, earnings, and your clientele.

With salon suite rentals, stylists have the ability to control their own destiny. At Signature Salon Studios, we offer an exclusive collection of independently operated salon suite rentals throughout Arizona for the established beauty professional. In this blog, we’ll define what exactly a salon suite rental is and the benefits that they offer!

What Are Rental Salon Studios?

Salon suite rentals are kind of like a mini, upscale beauty salon. These spaces allow individual stylists and beauty professionals to own their own salon without all the risks, expenses, and overhead that comes with traditional salon environments. With salon studio rentals, you have the luxury of working whenever you want, plus a host of other benefits.

Reasons To Rent A Salon Suite

Salon suite leasing has revolutionized the way the beauty industry operates by allowing beauty professionals to call the shots. Whether you are a hairstylist, nail artist, massage therapist, esthetician, or another beauty professional, salon suite rentals offer a variety of benefits.

You Choose When You Work

Renting a salon suite means that you are in control of your schedule. No more asking for certain days off or being scheduled for the most inconvenient shifts. Instead of being at the mercy of your manager’s schedule, you can gain more control over when you work. This is a huge benefit to beauty professionals that have other hobbies, events, or commitments to attend to. Having the ability to work whenever you want gives stylists and beauty professionals alike the more control over their work-life balance.

You Make More Money

Making more money is one of the biggest reasons stylists and beauty professionals make the switch to renting a salon suite. Using conservative estimates, it is common for beauty professionals to see at least a 50 percent increase in earnings, and in many cases, earnings can be well over a 100 percent increase! No more splitting revenue with a salon owner. Any money collected from the services or products sold in your rental salon suite is yours to pocket.

You Choose Your Own Retail

When you are renting a salon suite, you aren’t pushed to try to upsell certain beauty products that you may not care for. Instead, you get to choose the products you want to be able to recommend to your clients. Research shows that customer satisfaction goes up significantly when you make recommendations, and in the beauty industry, clients interpret this as a sign that you care about them. And remember, when you are in business for yourself, you get to keep 100 percent of the profits from the products you sell!

You Can Build Your Own Clientele

When you work for a commercial salon, you don’t always get to choose those you work on. If you’re next in rotation, anyone could be up next to sit in your chair. This certainly can be frustrating, especially if you have a certain type of niche clientele. With a salon suite rental, however, beauty professionals get to create their own client book, meaning they get to work with the clients that they prefer. This allows you to really focus on what you want to do and the clients that align with your work.

You Get Space Equipped With The Essentials

Many salon suite rentals come fully-furnished with essentials you need for your business to thrive. Many spaces come with comfortable seating for waiting rooms, styling stations, and even shampoo bowls and hair dryers. You won’t have to worry about making major investments right away in order to get the ball rolling.

You Get To Personalize Your Space

Unlike commercial salons that have communal booths with strict limitations as to how it can be personalized, salon suite rentals provide you with a space that is your own. Even though you are renting the space, you get to decorate your suite to reflect your personal style and tastes. Because you will be able to add a personal touch to your salon suite, you will likely feel more comfortable, therefore, making the client more comfortable as well.

Find Quality Rental Salon Suites in Arizona at Signature Salon Studios

As you can see, renting salon suites offers a variety of benefits, some of which we didn’t even cover! If you are looking for salon suite rentals in Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Phoenix, or the surrounding areas in Arizona, you can find luxury salon spaces for lease at Signature Salon Studios. Each of our salon suite rentals is professionally designed to combine both style and comfort to your workplace. All of our available spaces come fully-furnished with comfortable seating for waiting rooms, styling stations, as well as shampoo bowls and ionic hair dryers and chairs. In addition to free wi-fi and 24/7 access, our salon suite rentals are packed with other great amenities. If you are interested in leasing a salon suite, contact Signature Salon Studios today to receive more information!