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Beauty professionals come in a variety of gorgeous forms, from makeup artists to hair stylists and lash specialists. But regardless of their area of expertise, it seems that every beauty professional struggles with a similar dilemma: should I work for a salon or open my own?

There are many advantages to being your own boss regardless of which sector you work in. For beauty professionals, an industry built on the tenets of service and style, there are a few extra perks to the freedom of independent professional status. 

In this article, we’ll look at the primary incentives for beauty professionals to be their own boss by opening an independent salon. Whether you’re a master masseuse or a manicure maven, there’s something for every beauty pro to gain by going independent.

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Make More Money

When you’re an independent beauty professional, you need your own zone in order to work. This usually means renting a salon or studio space, but it also means you get to keep all of the income you earn on the property. By contrast, when you’re dependent on a manager or a supervisor of some kind, you’ll have to give them a sizable chunk of your paychecks, not only for tax purposes, but just to keep the employer’s salon in functional order. Stand-alone businesses are much more expensive to maintain than rental spaces in larger business complexes, but some beauty professionals choose to work out of a single unit rather than joining forces with a group of like-minded creative individuals. There’s not necessarily a right way to go, but when it comes to small-business owners, you have a better chance of success if you start off in a location that you’re not 100% responsible for. You won’t be as stressed out by rental or leasing expenses, and you’ll get to keep more of every paycheck you earn. 

Choose Your Own Hours

Most beauty professionals choose to go independent because it allows them the most flexibility in scheduling clients and appointments. Furthermore, when you have your own salon space, you are the one who decides the hours of operation. Maybe you’re just not a morning person — no problem! You don’t have to open your doors until you’ve had your coffee, and you’re wide awake. Or maybe you have a second job on the side. That’s awesome! This way, you can work salon hours into a schedule that complements your other career, rather than conflicting with it. 

However, it should be noted that when choosing your own hours, the needs of your client base are important too. For instance, if you cater to stay-at-home mothers whose only chance to be pampered is during her kids’ school hours, then you’ll ideally want to be available at those times. It’s not always necessary to work hours you hate in order to meet client needs, but it’s nevertheless a very important factor to consider.

Personalize Your Brand

If you work as a beauty professional, odds are you consider yourself a very creative person. It takes an immense deal of artistic ability to be able to color and cut hair, polish nails, beautify complexions, and give life-changing massages. No matter what your specialty might be, having your own salon grants you the freedom to design your personal brand from the ground up. From the decor that dots the walls to the organizational scheme of shampoo bottles, everything in your studio can be precisely to your liking and in accordance with the kind of professional image you want to project. And if you don’t have the best eye for interior design, have no worries — Signature Salon Suites come with a built-in cosmetic aesthetic that’s sure to satisfy even the pickiest of palettes. 

Learn Valuable Skills

Better money, schedule management, and brand promotion are all fantastic assets of becoming an independent beauty professional. But perhaps the most valuable advantage to solo operation — yes, there are things more valuable than money! — is the skill set you will develop and hone in your daily work. When you work for a supervisor or manager of any kind, that means you cede some of the responsibility to another person. But when you are your own boss, you are in charge of many more components of your business. You’ll refine your abilities in managing finances, juggling clients, and balancing work with play. Perhaps best of all, you will be actively building a beauty empire in your own name, on your own terms. There aren’t many achievements more impressive than that. 


In this article, we’ve looked at the top reasons beauty professionals might go independent. If you’re a cosmetician, aesthetician, nail technician, or a specialist in any sphere of beauty and wellness, it is easier than ever to become an independent beauty professional. To learn how easy, affordable, and empowering this process can be, give a quick call to the pros at Signature Salon Studios.